Black History Month 2009

On February 19th, 2009, KFAI celebrated Black History Month with a special day of Programing. If you missed it, you can check out all of the locally produced archives. More information on the day's programming, including a list of national programs featured that day, you can visit the Black History Month 2009 page.

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2/19/2009 Black History Month 2009

6-8am: Mo’ of Motown

Host Raymond Jackson hosts a music program playing music from Motown and discusses it’s impact.

2/19/2009 Black History Month 2009

12-1pm Communiversity

The Communiversity explores culture, politics and the kinship between acedemia and the community. For the 19th, Communiversity will feature local community leaders and community members discussing Black History Month.

2/19/2009 Black History Month 2009

2-4pm Soul Food Music

Hosted by Akhmiri Sekhr Tim Page, thisprogram will feature a variety of music, history, and discussion of music and how it moves people to action.

2/19/2009 Black History Month 2009

4-6pm Story of Jazz written narrated by Langston Hughes: beginnings, characteristics and examples

Hosted by Bill Cottman of KFAI’s Mostly Jazz, this program explores Jazz music and also includes discussions of prominent African American Jazz artists.

2/19/2009 Black History Month 2009

6-7pm I’m Not Crazy

A discussion of the mental health disparities in the African American community. African Americans die by suicide at an increasing rate each year; they are incarcerated rather than hospitalized; misdiagnosed and under-diagnosed, homeless, and jobless, just to name a few. This 1 hour program will discuss the disparities, mental health myths, stigmas in the African American community and provide resource information. Hosted by African American Outreach Director for NAMI Minnesota, Matthea Little Smith.

2/19/2009 Black History Month 2009

7-8pm Black History

Hosted by Kinshasha Kambui of KFAI’s Health Notes, will feature a look at Black History with Music, Poetry, and a discussion of history.

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