10.24.13 BELOWtheWASTE


This will be the the last episode before the end of KFAI's Fall Pledge Drive. They have allowed us to do basically whatever we want for almost a year now and damned if we don't appreciate the heck out of 'em for it. If you enjoy what we do or even just support the idea of it, please consider donating to our little community radio station. They get far less funding than some of the other public radio around these parts but serve a far more diverse community. Hell, while The Cu***nt is playing that same Metric song and maybe some Dessa, KFAI is reaching out to the our local Somalia/Hmong/Music Nerd/Francophone communities! If you join the KFAI Auto Club at least the $120 level (that's $10/mo), Ben and I will send you a full pound of media. As avid diggers and thrifters, we bring in a lot of raw material that inspires and populates the show. At the end of the day, though, we have to let some of it go. We're basically drowning in records and tapes here and, if you support the station that blindly supports us, we'll give you some of this stuff. For every $120, we'll kick in another pound. Head over to the front splash page at www.kfai.org before Friday. Mention that you're supporting us and we will empty our media vaults to you. Our girlfriends/parents/community radio stations will be happy to watch you bleed us musically dry!

Playlist Tracks: 
Ad Council - Urban - Buckle Up 1
Album: Buckle Up PSA; Label: Ad Council
Chris Hughes - Shaka Shaka Shake
Album: Miniatures 2; Label: Cherry Red
L.A. Drugs - Sinful Youth
Album: One Sided LP; Label: Twisted Village
Sparks - It's A Knockoff
Album: Balls; Label: Strange Ways
Glasser - Apply
Album: Ring; Label: True Panther
Phew - Doze
Album: Phew; Label: Pass
Nile Rogers - It's All In Your Hands
Album: Adventures In The Land Of The Good Groove; Label: Wounded Bird
Philip Lynott - Yellow Pearl (Midge Ure Rmx)
Album: 12"; Label: Phonogram
Land Of The Loops - Multi-Family Garage Sale
Album: Multi-Family Garage Sale; Label: Up
Mogwai - Katrien
Album: Ten Rapid; Label: Rock Action
Lesbian - Black Forest Hamm
Album: Power Hôr; Label: Holy Mountain
Del Shannon - Torture (Version 1)
Album: Move It On Over; Label: Norton
Miranda Sex Garden - Are You The One?
Album: Carnival Of Souls; Label: Sugar Daddy
Angels Of Light - My True Body
Album: How I Loved You; Label: Young God
Sonny Bono - Pammie's On A Bummer (Single Edit)
Album: Inner Views; Label: Rhino Handmade
Kix - Don't Close Your Eyes
Album: Blow My Fuse; Label: Atlantic
Paul Sabu - Cassie's Song
Album: Hard Rock Zombies OST; Label: Unofficial
Nana Love - We Gonna Stay For The Party
Album: Disco Documentary Full of Funk; Label: Nestor
Doug Hream Blunt - Caribbean Queen
Album: Gentle Persuasion; Label: Not On Label
Bipolar Bear - Goth Time Rag
Album: Harlem Pripyat; Label: Mexican Summer
Melt Banana - Monkey Man
Album: Split w/ Big D and the Kids Table; Label: Fork In Hand
Eyeball Skeleton - The Bouncing Apes
Album: Eyeball Skeleton; Label: My Pal God
Sicbay - Who Wrote The Night?
Album: The Firelit S'coughs; Label: 54-40 or Fight/Polk
Air Date: 
October 24, 2013

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