4/4/13 - BELOWtheWASTE


Listen as Ben and Mason become starstruck when a cavalcade of public radio superstars visit the studio and clam up. It takes them all a while to warm up, but we eventually melt Mary Lou Chia's icy Westerbergian heart. 

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Playlist Tracks: 
Jack Nitzsche - Opening Theme
Album: One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest OST; Label:
Erkin Koray - Oksuruk
Album: ; Label:
Birds With Ears - Brilliant Tonight
Album: Youth In Asia; Label: Atrix
Edgar Broughton Band - Out Demons Out
Album: ; Label: Harvest
Verto Krig - Krig
Album: Volubilis; Label: Pole
Crawling Chaos - Left Hand Path
Album: The Gas Chair; Label: LTM
Telex - More Than Distance
Album: Neurovision; Label: Sire
Jeannette - Prefab In The Sun
Album: All The Warm Is Gone; Label:
Sandy Lamb - Bizarre Love Triangle
Album: Youtube; Label: TV
Dandi Wind - Flooded Grass
Album: Concrete Igloo; Label: Norman Records
The Yamasuki Singers - Le Monde Fabuleux Des Yamasuki
Album: Kashi Kofima; Label: Finders Keepers
Milton Nascimento - Francisco
Album: Milton; Label: A&M
The Clientele - Saturday
Album: One Too Twee: An Indiepop Retrospective; Label: Internet Compilation
Billy Nicholls - Feeling Easy
Album: Do You Believe?; Label: Immediate
Eric Serra - Le Dernier Combat (Theme)
Album: Le Dernier Combat; Label:
Bruno Nicolai - Seq 21
Album: A Virgin Among The Living Dead OST; Label:
Blue Phantom - Violence
Album: Distortions; Label: Vedette
Gerhard Heinz - Die Säge des Todes Suite
Album: The Erotic & Painful Obsessions of Jess Franco; Label:
Vincenzo Thoma - Faceless
Album: Faceless OST; Label:
John Lee Hooker - Walkin' The Boogie
Album: House Of The Blues; Label:
Marc Moulin - Balek
Album: Placebo; Label:
Rhys Chatham - My Lady of the Loire
Album: The Bern Project; Label: Hinterzimmer
Symphonic Slam - Everytime
Album: The Day After The Sabbath 24: Pomp Rock; Label: Internet Compliation
Barsha - Barsha's Explicit Lyrics
Album: Knockin' Hiney; Label: Atlantic
Air Date: 
April 4, 2013

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