3.14.13 BELOWtheWASTE


Ben and Mason are dead. On their way to the studio, the boys simply... disappeared. It's true that the KFAI studios are in a "rough" neighborhood, but something about this "crime" seems especially... unsettling.

In Ben's bag (abandoned by the station's front door), programmers found a laptop with a file containing all of the music they'd planned to play and discuss that evening. While preparing their final broadcast, our engineers heard faint voices between the tracks. What you will hear this week are the unaltered tunes and the heavily amplified (and, frankly, demonic) DJs recovered through newly refined EVP detection methods. Disturbingly, these spirits appear to have advance knowledge of all of the tracks and rapport that is disarming when you consider that they have very likely just murdered our heroes.

Luckily, Ben and Mason have prepared thousands of hours of talk and potential playlists, so they'll be "back" next week and, like Tupac, in perpetuity. 

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March 14, 2013

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