Balkan Jamboree

Balkan Jamboree is a music show both for those who are familiar with the treasure of the Balkan music and for those for whom the Balkan music is terra incognita. You all will have the opportunity to find out more about it but most of all I aim to bring enjoyment to everyone who is listening.

Balkan Jamboree show is a cultural outlet to the numerous Balkan communities. A unique characteristic is the inclusion to the Roma (Gipsy) people who are worldwide politically and culturally underrepresented although they are inseparable part of the Balkan culture.

Enjoy the party!

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Recent Playlists

7/29/2014 Balkan Jamboree
7/22/2014 Balkan Jamboree

Interview with Sarah Larsson from the Nightingale Trio

7/15/2014 Balkan Jamboree
7/8/2014 Balkan Jamboree

Tonight a special guest is Megan Lueneburg. She will talk about her coming trip – a year specialization in Bulgaria

7/1/2014 Balkan Jamboree

Tonight a special guest is Victor Zupanc, our own TC composer who is from Slovenian background.
We will celebrate together the Canada Day.

6/24/2014 Balkan Jamboree
6/17/2014 Balkan Jamboree
6/10/2014 Balkan Jamboree
6/3/2014 Balkan Jamboree

Interview with Bulgarian Child’s Studio “Televisionerite” from Chicago taken in the Botanic garden in Chicago on May 24
the Day of Sts. Cyril and Methodius

5/27/2014 Balkan Jamboree