Art Matters

Do the arts matter? Tune in to Art Matters every Wednesday night at 7pm and find out! Art Matters showcases the local arts community, including current events and arts-related discussions. Art Matters is the longest-running arts talk show in the Twin Cities.

If you have any comments or ideas for program topics, send information to Art Matters c/o KFAI or e-mail Marya Morstad at:

Recent Playlists

7/9/2014 Art Matters
7/2/2014 Art Matters
6/25/2014 Art Matters

Guest Host Lydia Howell interviews Filmmaker Brenda Bell Brown and DP Marcos Ismael Juarez-Gosselin on the making of her film “Sing Blues, Thank You.”

6/18/2014 Art Matters

An interview with Patrick Scully about his work “Leaves of Grass Uncut” — a collage of dance, theater, video and poetry celebrating Walt Whitman, radical artist of the 1800s; and with painter Kerry Jean Pennings, about her show “Mythic Ancestors” at the Vine Arts Center.

6/11/2014 Art Matters

Northern Spark, the all-night arts festival which aims to transform our sense of what is possible in public space. Interviews with Associate Director Sarah Peters, and a sampling of Northern Spark artists and their projects: Photographer/Projectionist Bill Cottman (beyond the LOOP), Installation Artist/Insect Wrangler Kate Casanova (Hotel Hotel) and Choreographer Ananya Chatterjea (Blue Dream Journeys). For more in-depth information on these projects, and much more:

6/4/2014 Art Matters

Repeat Broadcast: “Art + Bees”

5/28/2014 Art Matters

An interview with Fionn Meade, the Walker Art Center’s new Senior Curator of Cross-Disciplinary Platforms (; also, John Beuche, Bedlam Theatre’s Chief Artistic Officer, highlights Bedlam Lowertown’s Grand Opening this Saturday, May 31st (

5/21/2014 Art Matters

Illustrator Nora Wildgen White (Get a free bee poster at, Artist/Activist Camille J. Gage (Bee Aware agit-prop! and Beekeeper/Musician Jenny Forster Warner of the Bee Squad ( discuss art and bees! Did you know that there are rooftop beehives on many major museums?

5/14/2014 Art Matters

Mili Dutta, Organizer of “Brahmaputra Meets the Mississippi,” a community dinner and cultural performance to benefit two organizations in Assam, India ( Dutta also recently founded the first ever Gay Pride Festival in NE India. Also, the low tech/high joy collaborative presents “The Sunflower Revolution,” a creative placemaking project by artists Marlaine Cox and Karen Kasel. They will be at the Eco Arts Fest at Harriet Island this week-end, dispersing hand-sewn sunflower seed packets.

5/7/2014 Art Matters

An interview with poet and artist Wang Ping about “We Are Water” — a month-long curatorial collaboration between “Kinship of Rivers” and The Soap Factory. Artist Sean Smuda joins us to talk about his project “Blown Derivatives” which is featured in the show. Opening reception is this Saturday, May 10th, 7-11pm. For all related arts events, go to: