WED.MAY 8 on ART MATTERS: "Fight Like A Mother!" art exhibit at COLORWHEEL GALLERY

TUNE IN WED.May 8, at 7pm to KFAI's ART MATTERS to hear curator/artist/gallery-owner TAMMY ORTEGON talk about the 4th annual FIGHT  LIKE A MOTHER exhibit at her COLORWHEEL GALLERY. (event info below) Working in a variety of mediums, women explore all aspects of motherhood in a world that still  does not support mothers and children. Guest host Lydia Howell (regular host is MARYA MORSTED). 
KFAI Radio 90.3 fm Mpls 106.7fm St.Paul ONLINE:live-stream & archived for 2 weeks after broadcast on ART MATTERS page at kfai [dot] org
EVENT:4th Annual "Fight like a Mother!" Art OPENING NIGHT event 
Saturday May 11th  2:00-8:00pm
ColorWheel Gallery 319 W 46th Street. Minneapolis, Mn 55419 
Contact. Tammy Ortegon # 612 823 5693
Free & Open to the public/eXHIBIT IS UP FOR A MONTH
As it gets more & more difficult to keep it all together. We Celebrate all the Mothers in our World & their Constant Strength & Struggle to Preserve our Survival. Hope to see you at our 4th annual "Fight like a Mother!" show Saturday, May 11. 2:00-8:00pm.
Featuring Artists, Tammy Ortegon, Eileen Espinosa, Meg Novak, Sarah Honeywell, Madelene Jones, Deborah Foutch, Elissa Cedarleaf Dahl, Loretta Day, Stephanie Morris, Sandy Parnell, Ayanna Muata, Gloria Larsen, Westy Copeland, Tracine Asberry, Stefanie Levi, Andrea Jenkins, Ellen Hinchcliffe, Margareth Miller & Paulina Jacobsson expressing their passion thru painting, collage, textiles, photography, jewelry, sculpture, poetry, song & spoken word. Bring your mother, your family, your friends & Join us at the ColorWheel for an Inspirational & Educational Afternoon full of Amazing Art! Yummy Food! Community Connections! & Local Mammas Performing Poetry, Song & Spoken Word! (performances are 2:00-6:00pm)
As always, wealthy business men are handing out million dollar bonuses, while education & healthcare are being cut. Sports stadiums are being built, while thousands of children sleep in shelters every night. Billions are spent to create & drop bombs on defenseless women & children all over this world, while people claim to be "pro-life". It makes us want to... "FIGHT LIKE A MOTHER!“

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