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11/5/2013 The Pop Shop

This week it’s birthday spins for Gram Parsons, Art Garfunkel, Peter Noone, Ike Turner and Ryan Adams. Local gals Germaine Gemberling and Barbara Jean. A surprise treat from Secret Stash Records. And new music from La Luz.

11/5/2013 Our Show of Shows
Diane Hofstede

Diane Hofstede represents Ward 3 on the Minneapolis City Council.
She began her career as a Minneapolis public school teacher at North High School in North Minneapolis, and at Northeast Junior High. She was a curriculum writer for the Minneapolis School District where she trained teachers and administrators in all Minneapolis junior and senior high schools in non-racist and non-sexist teaching/curriculum techniques. Hofstede has represented Ward 3 since 2006. Although she has had the DFL endorsement in the past. Hofstede does not have it this time. Instead, the endorsement went to her opponent, Jacob Frey.Diane Hofstede talked about that with KFAI’s Trisha Collopy.

Jacob Frey

Jacob Frey is an attorney and a community organizer.
He’s a resident of the Nicollet Island/East Bank Neighborhood and a member of the Minneapolis Capital Long Range Improvement Committee.
Frey is also known for organizing the Big Gay Race, mobilizing over 10,000 people and raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to fight the marriage amendment. Frey took the DFL endorsement from incumbent Diane Hofstede, who withdrew from the endorsement process. He stopped by KFAI to talk with Trisha Collopy. She noted that four city council incumbents did not get the DFL endorsement this time around, and she asked Jacob Frey why he thinks that happened.

Michael Katch

Michael Katch has been a resident of the Downtown West Neighborhood for over 7 years. He has two endorsements – one from the Libertarian Party and one from the Pirate Party. Katch has criticized the Minneapolis City Council for being what he calls “hobby real estate developers.”
As a Libertarian, he believes economic development should come from the private sector without incentives from the city.
Katch talked with KFAI’s Dale Connelly, who asked about a recent development scuffle in the Dinkytown neighborhood of ward 3.
The incumbent, Diane Hofstede, supported a development moratorium in the area, but the city council voted to proceed with a controversial development anyway.
Katch explains why he supported the moratorium.

Kristina Gronquist

Kristina Gronquist has lived in the 3rd Ward for the last twelve years. She has been a business owner, renter, landlord, single parent and a homeowner.
Gronquist is the Assistant General Manager of the Eastside Food Cooperative and Treasurer on the Board of the St. Anthony West Neighborhood Association. She’s a founding member of the Northeast Investment Co-op (NEIC) and a volunteer with Achieve Mpls, the nonprofit partner of the Mpls. Public Schools.
Gronquist is endorsed by the Green Party.
She talked with KFAI’s Dale Connelly about her reasons for running, starting with her frustration over last year’s city council decision that a city charter provision that requires a referendum on big public expenditures for sports facilities didn’t apply to the Vikings stadium project.

11/5/2013 The Morning Blend

Music Host: Jeanne Silverberg
News Host: Ryan Dawes
Producer: Ron Thums

James "Jimmie" Stroud Jr.

James “Jimmie” Stroud is a native of Washington DC. Stroud says he came to Minnesota in 1984 as a stand-up comic to do some fundraising for a local youth group. He stayed in Minnesota and has done work with the Minneapolis Urban League and the Legal Rights Center of Minnesota. He currently works as a Career Transition Specialist at the Hubert Humphrey Job Corps Center in St. Paul. KFAI’s Dale Connelly asked Stroud why he decided to run for mayor of Minneapolis.

Ole Savior

Perennial candidate Ole Savior met recently with KFAI’s Alex Forbes to discuss the issues and his decision to run for Minneapolis mayor. Savior has appeared on the ballot many times before while making a bid for different offices.
Alex Forbes asked him how many times he has run.

Dan Cohen

Dan Cohen served on the city council for four years in the 1960’s. He has also been on the city’s charter and planning commissions – he’s still a member of the planning commission.
Among the candidates – Cohen has the largest amount of money to spend – the proceeds of a lawsuit he won against the Star Tribune when he was identified as a source for a political story after being promised anonymity.
Dan Cohen came to the KFAI studios and talked with Dale Connelly about the moment when he realized he wanted to run for mayor.

11/5/2013 Democracy Now!
11/5/2013 Conversations with Al McFarlane
Alondra Cano

Alondra Cano is running against five other candidates in the 9th ward. She was born in Mexico and came to the U.S. with her family at age 10. Cano has worked in the office of City Council Member Robert Lilligren, and has the DFL endorsement. She talked with KFAI’s Janis Lane-Ewart, who asked about the most important issues facing the city. Cano put educational disparities at the top of her list

11/5/2013 Spin with Cyn

Mrs. Glass (Austin, TX) and Lori Barbero joined Spin with Cyn, sharing songs and stories in advance of their week of performances in Minneapolis!

Charles Curtis

Charles Curtis grew up in Ward 9 and became an attorney who practices employment law. The has attended The Blake School, the University of Montana in Missoula, Temple University in Philadelphia, and State University of New York at Buffalo to specialize in Criminal Law. Each candidate was allowed to choose a party designation or principle to appear alongside their name on the ballot. In Charles Curtis’case he chose the words “Politics with Principle”.
KFAI’s Cynthia Montana asked Curtis why he wants to be on the City Council.

Pat Fleetham

Ward 9 candidate Pat Fleetham describes himself as a dedicated community service volunteer. In addition to his involvement with the family business, Fleetham Furniture, he says he was born in Minneapolis, lives in South Minneapolis, and takes community involvement very seriously. Fleetham talked with KFAI’s Cynthia Montana about his city council candidacy.

Abdi Abdulle

Minneapolis business owner Abdi Abdulle attended Washburn High School, Minneapolis Community and Technical College and the University of Minnesota. He has joined community task forces on violence prevention, and has worked as volunteer for Project for Pride in Living and Lutheran Social Services.
Abdulle told KFAI’s Cynthia Montana why he’s running for the Ward 9 City Council seat.

Ty Moore

Ty Moore has spent eighteen years in various roles organizing for social justice. He has organized a coalition to challenge the planned closure of North High, and mobilized activists to stop home foreclosures in Ward 9.
Each candidate was allowed to choose a party designation or principle to appear alongside their name on the ballot. In Ty Moore’s case he chose the words “Socialist Alternative”.
KFAI’s Cynthia Montana asked Moore why he wants to be on the City Council.

11/5/2013 Corazon Latino
11/5/2013 Womenfolk

Stringband tunes, bird songs for fall & lots of local music!

11/5/2013 Rollin' and Tumblin'

See play list below

Abdi Warsame

Minneapolis will elect a new city council on November 5th. Some incumbents have been challenged strongly by newcomers. In the city’s sixth ward, Abdi Warsame took the DFL endorsement from sitting council member Robert Lilligren, who has said he will still run for the office. Abdi Warsame talked with KFAI’s Lennie Chism about why he is running for City Council.

Robert Lilligren

Minneapolis will elect a new city council on November 5th. Some of the wards are hotly contested, and in several cases the incumbent city council member failed to get the DFL party’s endorsement for re-election. That’s the case in the 6th ward, where newcomer Abdi Warsame will face current council member Robert Lilligren.
Robert Lilligren recently sat down with KFAI’s Cynthia Montana, who asked him to explain why he’s running.

Betsy Hodges

Betsy Hodges is a member of the Minneapolis City Council, representing Ward 13.
She has been active with the Minnesota Justice Foundation and Take Action Minnesota, and points with pride to her work on the council regarding financial and equity issues.
She stopped by KFAI and talked with host Willie Dominguez on the show Sabados Alegres.

11/5/2013 Tuesday's Spoken Word
11/5/2013 Write On! Radio

We speak with Tim Ward about his book What the Buddha Never Taught, his bestseller about life in one of the strictest monasteries in Southeast Asia, back in print in a new 20th anniversary

Christopher Clark

Libertarian candidate Christopher Clark is one of 35 people who will appear on the November Ballot for Mayor of Minneapolis. Clark moved to Minnesota from Nebraska in 1999. He believes in reducing taxes and thinks Minneapolis has put too much money into expensive projects that haven’t worked out well. He talked to KFAI’s Mary Keating.

11/5/2013 Bonjour Minnesota

program prempted for election results

11/5/2013 Balkan Jamboree

Tonight there was no Balkan Jamboree show as KFAI dedicated the evening to the elections

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