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2/14/2013 In Your Ear

Tonight due to illness, there is no “Love Stinks” The NIghthawk has kindly filled in for me (with a GREAT rockin’ show) while I counged, blew my nose and was generally miserable. Jackson and I will try to do a mid year Love Stinks to make up for not doing the show at the usual time.

2/14/2013 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

(2/14 in a nutshell… )

Happy Skalentines from RSST! The “Ooooooh” is jam-packed with all the ska oldies designed to bring out the warm-fuzzies in you and yours… and for those of you without a “yours”, consolation prizes from Phyllis Dillon, Prince Buster and Justin Hinds. Sherwood stayed in the spirit with papayas and mangos straight from Rosemary Clooney’s shady nook… and Shiina Ringo’s shady nuke, respectively… and just wait’ll you hear who Dizzy Gillespie met in the Land of Oo-Bla-Dee! The Home Stretch gave us Pily Gaos extolling the virtues of“Mi Novio Esquimale” (her “Lollipop” by any other name), the 5@5:05 were 5 uninterrupted Froggies, and… whatever else you do, don’t get Bonnie Pink or The Miceteeth wrong! And remember… “There’ll Always Be Sunshine” on that “Marvelous Trip to the Planets”. Tune in, and stay tuned!

2/14/2013 The Morning Blend

Music Host: Mark Koerner
News Host: Flor Frey
Producer: Dale Connelly

2/14/2013 Democracy Now
2/14/2013 Northern Sun News

13 Northern Sun News
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Playlist Tracks:
Langston Hughes – One Way Ticket
Album: Essential Hughes; Label: Caedmon
Langston Hughes – Commentary – When I was 13…
Album: Essential Hughes; Label: Caedmon
Langston Hughes – The Negro Speaks of Rivers
Album: Essential Hughes; Label: Caedmon
Lisa Luinenburg – Chair – We Speak Out for Civil Liberties
Topics: History of fight for civil liberties in the Twin Cities
Linda Leighton/ David Sundeen – Grandchildren of V.R. Dunne
Topics: Dunne’s role in fight for labor rights
Sha Cage – Actor
Topics: “Nellie” & New upcoming solo work N.I.G.G.E.R.
e.g. bailey – Ass’t Director
Topics: “Buzzer” play at The Guthrie

2/14/2013 The Dakota Dave Hull Show
02/14/13 BELOWtheWASTE

A Valentine's bloodbath! Ben and Mason plow through more than two dozen love-bummers. Car wrecks! Plane crashes! Shark attacks! Ghost threats! Death by society/ambiguous drug use!

2/14/2013 African Rhythms

Celebrating Carnaval with a full hour of Samba, Bossa Nova, Tropicália, MPB and more…

2/14/2013 Poquito y Bueno: A Short and Sweet Flamenco Show

A break in series for a show of what else – love songs by flamenco singers + one.

2/14/2013 Blueslady's Time Machine
2/14/2013 Splice-Free
2/14/2013 The Rockhouse

Happy Valentine's Day, Residents.  We love you.

2/14/2013 Free Speech Radio News
2/14/2013 Disabled and Proud

Featured the documentary “Violence Against Disabled Women” courtesy of WINGS:Women’s International News Gathering Services

2/14/2013 Fresh Fruit

Host: Roxanne Anderson

2/14/2013 Encuentro

The theme of this program is “amor y desamor” —a (sort of) celebration of Valentine’s Day.

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2/14/2013 Kinda Cloudy Radio

A super-special, love-soaked, all-45’s Valentine’s Day edition of Kinda Cloudy Radio! Includes great tracks by Lee Fields, Eddie & Ernie, Erma Franklin, Freddie Scott, Little Beaver, Lowrell, Harry Ray, and a lowrider set from our friend Rambo Salinas!

Thursday, February 14, 2013