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1/22/2013 The Pop Shop

Remembering musical powerhouse and creative spirit, Steve Kramer. With a special interview from friend and fellow musician, Kristian Hoffman. Kristian and Steve played in the third (and final) line-up of the Contortions, with James Chance and Bradley Field; and were roommates for a spell in New York before the “Minneapolis Mafia” returned to Minnesota to form the Wallets. A heartfelt tribute to a gifted and eclectic artist.

Catch Kristian Hoffman’s fabulous internet radio show, Pepperland Spicerack, every Sunday afternoon on Luxuria Music.

1/22/2013 Our Show of Shows
1/22/2013 The Morning Blend

Music Hosts: Ron Thums and Jean Silverberg
News Host: Edwin Allen
Producer: Dale Connelly

On today’s Morning Blend, Steve Kramer’s business and creative friends Bob Hest and Kevin Kling will visit. We’ll also hear an excerpt from Marian Wright Edelman’s speech at the 23rd annual MLK breakfast, held at the Minneapolis Convention Center.
Captain Melanie Rucker of the Minneapolis Fire Department tells us about the opening of some rare job opportunities, and Nanci Oleson of tells us about hte value of tiny gardens.
The crew from KOEH in Dipperville makes its usual Tuesday appearance.

1/22/2013 Democracy Now
1/22/2013 Conversations with Al McFarlane
1/22/2013 Spin with Cyn

No Wave and punk New York and Minneapolis late ’70s – early ’80s honoring the life and music of Steve Kramer (The Wallets, James Chance and the Contortions). During the 2nd hour, Sean Anonymous broke out exclusive hot off the press “Brick by Brick” single in advance of his Jan. 24 Birthday Bash at the Triple Rock Social Club!

1/22/2013 Corazon Latino
1/22/2013 Womenfolk

January songs to keep you warm and live music from Vicky Emerson!

1/22/2013 Rollin' and Tumblin'

See play list below

1/22/2013 Free Speech Radio News
1/22/2013 Tuesday's Spoken Word
1/22/2013 Write On! Radio

We re-broadcast an interview with Daniel Coyle about his book The Talent Code, which discusses how talent is grown from deep practice.

1/22/2013 Bonjour Minnesota
1/22/2013 Balkan Jamboree

Tuesday, January 22, 2013