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12/29/2012 True Brit!
12/29/2012 The Lennie Chism Show, TLCS

Guest DJ Co-Host, Ms Emily … NEO SOUL Jammin – musical genre that fuses contemporary R&B and 1970s-style soul with elements of hip-hop. As its name (new-soul) implies, Neo-Soul music is essentially modern-day soul music, with contemporary attitudes.

12/29/2012 A Great Blend Of Watercolors

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Grand Deeva and Melinda J would like to wish you and yours a Happy, Prosperous and Safe 2013!

12/29/2012 Mostly Jazz

Facing East: The music of John Coltrane – Jose James

12/29/2012 Rhythm and Grooves

Used the last show of the year to review a few CDs from area musicians, including Fuzzy Math, Parker Paisley, Chris Bates’ Red5, Jana Nyberg, Jeremy Siskind featuring Nancy Harms, and Larry McDonough. Also played music from Jeanne Arland Peterson, Christine Rosholt, Koplant No, and Pat Mallinger. The 45 of the week was Theme for an Electric Surfboard, by Jack McDuff.

12/29/2012 Collective Eye

Program Hosted By J.Otis Powell!

12/29/2012 Sabados Alegres
12/29/2012 Good 'N Country

John Brown was our guest "co-host for a day" and brought some music to share.

12/29/2012 Caribbean Jam

Last Show of 2012.Wishing you all the best for 2013

12/29/2012 Temposphere

DJ Musically Rich takes the boards!

12/29/2012 RSE Radio / PLAIN OLE BILL

Saturday, December 29, 2012