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12/9/2012 This Way Out

Discovering “Strong (gay) Love” songs from the 1970s UK and US; Waxing rhapsodic about KG MacGregor’s new lesbian romance novel; Reading Janet Mason’s “Tea Leaves”; The UN moves to block trans executions, gay couples sue for happiness in Singapore and Taiwan, a Nevada federal judge decides that marriage equality scares off straights, and more LGBT news from around the world

12/10/2012 Fused Funk
12/10/2012 Sonic Pleasure Cover Version Show Part 2
12/10/2012 The Morning Blend

Music Host: Lydia Howell
News Host: Siobhan Keirans
Producer: Dale Connelly

12/10/2012 Democracy Now
12/10/2012 TruthToTell: TONY BOUZA: Stream of Thoughts on Cops, Media and Life


12/10/2012 Pam Without Boundaries

Nice to hear new music from local band The Sweet Colleens this morning! We also heard new Emanuel Jal, Mark Eitzel, and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band from their 50th Anniversary Collection.

12/10/2012 The Shake and Bake Show
12/10/2012 Rockin' In Rhythm

This week's play list.

12/10/2012 Bop Street

BIRTHDAYS-IN-BLUE From the Land of the Round Haircut and Songs of the Winter-y Season

12/10/2012 Free Speech Radio News
12/10/2012 Health Notes

Lissa Jones – Culture and History – Why Are They Important For Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Health

Lissa Jones – Host of KMOJ Community Radio’s Urban Agenda will be talking with Kinshasha about African Americans and Culture/ History and why they are important for mental, emotional and spiritual health.

The goal of “Urban Agenda” is to openly discuss and debate issues and policies that are confronting the safety and health of the urban community

12/10/2012 MinneCulture

Selections from Realgoodwords, a weekly book program on KAXE Northern Community Radio
Hosted by Heidi Holtan

12/10/2012 Sangam

Filmi geet, Paki pop, and fusion.

12/10/2012 Radio Duende (aka International Jazz Conspiracy)

Monday, December 10, 2012