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12/1/2012 Strictly Butter
12/2/2012 Root Of All Evil
12/2/2012 Songs of Praise
12/2/2012 Century Song

Today we listened to Veena Virtuoso, Veenai Jayanthi, a live concert recorded for the Indian Music Society of Minnesota.
During the second hour Sherry Minnick was in the studio performing live.

12/2/2012 Wave Project

GREEN or Not: The Importance of Buying Local

The show that informs you what is green, what is not, and how to tell the difference.

12/2/2012 Khmers in Minnesota
12/2/2012 La Voz Del Pueblo
12/2/2012 Hmong American Reachout Radio Program

Songs range from the 80's to current time from cool rock to Gospal music.  It brings memories of the past time and draw us closer to highway to heaven.

12/2/2012 Somalida Maanta
12/2/2012 Eritrean Community Radio

Horn of Africa news summary in English
Eritrean news coverage in Tigrigna
Community center issues
Assistance to Eritreans with citizenship application

12/2/2012 Voices Of Ethiopia
12/2/2012 Voice Of Oromiyaa
12/2/2012 Oromo Community Radio
12/2/2012 Somali Voices/ Codadka Soomaalida
12/2/2012 Vietnam-Minnesota Radio
12/2/2012 Filipino American National News
12/2/2012 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground

Two from the Sci-Fi Radio series of 1990. The Twonky, by Lewis Padgett, in which a man gets a new stereo console, and then finds it can do a number of things a regular stereo can’t do, including think for itself. And Shape, by Robert Sheckley, where invading aliens assume a shape appropriate to their function, and wonder at humans who seem to have the same shape all the time.

12/2/2012 Tehuti: From the Griot to the MC

Sunday, December 2, 2012