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11/24/2012 Strictly Butter
11/25/2012 Root Of All Evil
11/25/2012 Songs Of Praise
11/25/2012 Century Song

During the first hour we listened to a program on the music of Khorassan Iran produced by Dan Rein and Baktash Boghrati
During the second hour we had Gabe Barnett and the Big House Rounders performing live.

11/25/2012 Wave Project

Straight Up MAJENGA!

A unique blending and mixing of different genres. They flow together in a complimentary fashion, a funky thread of downbeat grooves.

11/25/2012 Khmers in Minnesota
11/25/2012 La Voz Del Pueblo
11/25/2012 Hmong American Reachout Radio Program

The songs that were being played today were newly donated by retail Hmong business community. Although, some albums are a few years old.

11/25/2012 Somalida Maanta
11/25/2012 Eritrean Community Radio

Horn of Africa news summary in English
Eritrean news coverage in Tigrigna
Community Health with Dr. Bereket Feday

11/25/2012 Voices Of Ethiopia
11/25/2012 Voice Of Oromiyaa
11/25/2012 Oromo Community Radio
11/25/2012 Somali Voices/ Codadka Soomaalida
11/25/2012 Vietnam-Minnesota Radio
11/25/2012 Filipino American National News
11/25/2012 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground

Cyber Bob and the Silicon Kid, Great Northern Audio’s story of Bob, an old-old-school hacker, and the kid with the supermodel girlfriend who wants to find out if he’s a “real” boy.
And Ethan Burrows’ Final Broadcast, from Earbud Theater. Ethan is the host of an all-night radio show where he debunks and abuses the callers who’ve seen alien spacecraft and bigfoot. And then one night someone calls who gives him pause…

11/25/2012 Tehuti: From the Griot to the MC

Sunday, November 25, 2012