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10/11/2012 In Your Ear

The NIghthawk flies again tonight…

10/11/2012 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

10/11 in a nutshell…

Working our way back from the Home Stretch again, GotchaSKAvered featured another live Skatalites take of Latin Goes Ska (“Pachito E Che”)… this time from the Teatro Armenio in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from the concert that became “In Orbit vol. 1” as released by Grover. The 5@5:05 (these things tend to kick off at 5 past, so I’m just gonna run with it) was all about the ska puns_ from Skaravan Petrol to Skaramouche and beyond, “ska” finds itself part of a larger word in these song titles, most of which come from the original Jamaican ska era (the odd one out in that regard being “Skaravan Petrol” by Giuliano Palma’s pre-Bluebeaters outfit Casino Royale. Also heard: original-era ska dude Jimmy Cliff’s alt take of his new 21st-century ska classic “One More”, sandwiched between The Slackers and TSPO. Sherwood could be heard relaxin’ with some epic-lengthers (Herbie Hancock’s “Butterfly” clocking in at 11:16, f’rinstance) after trying out his Finnish-made rocket-powered surfboard… what a blast that was, to the tune of Rocket Motors’ “Man High”! Cozy & the Cap’n launched the “Ooh” with a typically splendiferous set of old-school ska’n‘bluebeat, from both inside and outside a’ Yard. Boogie!

10/11/2012 The Morning Blend
10/11/2012 Democracy Now
10/11/2012 Northern Sun News

Playlist Tracks:
Jim Page & The Spokes – Ghost Bikes
Album: Ghost Bikes; Label: S – R
Vivian Louie – Prof Graduate School, Harvard Univ
Topics: Keeping the Immigrant Bargain: The Cost & Rewards of Success in America
Angel Buechner & Ebony Harris – Welfare Rights Committee members
Topics: Raising the monthly allotment & problems of being on welfare

10/11/2012 The Dakota Dave Hull Show
10/11/2012 Poquito y Bueno: A Short and Sweet Flamenco Show

Kristina reaches into the archives for a show featuring local guitarist Michael Hauser telling a legendary flamenco story, and also the music of some great local guitarisits.

10/11/2012 African Rhythms
10/11/2012 Blueslady's Time Machine
10/11/2012 The Rockhouse
10/11/2012 Free Speech Radio News
10/11/2012 Disabled and Proud

<p>Dr. Kevin Peterson &#8211; Diabetes Expo</p>

10/11/2012 Fresh Fruit
10/11/2012 Encuentro

This program presents the “Septeto Nacional Ignacio Piñeiro”, from Cuba, Los Lobos, from East L.A., “danzas de concheros” and music from indigenous peoples, poetry by Miguel Hernández set to music, songs for “Che” Guevara, and Lila Downs.

Play List

10/11/2012 Kinda Cloudy Radio

Thunderous all-vinyl set of Tropical Funk, Soul, Guaguanco, Cumbia, & Afro Rhythms, including tracks from Grupo Los Yoyi, Nilo Espinosa, Afrosound, Myrian Makenwa, Victor Savinon, Tempo 70, Papa Yankson, Orchestre du Bawobab, Mulatu Astatke, & many more…

Thursday, October 11, 2012