4/13/2012 Across The Board


Jeremy B, the King of Collectors Corner, covers for Mr. DJ SLT. I'm sorry. I'm very, very sorry.

Playlist Tracks: 
Mick Ronson - Only After Dark
Album: Slaughter On 10th Ave; Label: Snapper
Low - Dark
Album: The Curtain Hits The Cast; Label: Vernon Yard
Alice Cooper - He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask)
Album: Constrictor; Label: MCA
Klaus Nomi - From Beyond
Album: The Collection; Label: RCA
The The - Lung Shadows
Album: Dusk; Label: Sony
Portishead - Small
Album: Third; Label: Mercury
New Order - The Him
Album: Movement; Label: Qwest
Tears For Fears - Watch Me Bleed
Album: The Hurting; Label: Mercury/Universal
Front 242 - Masterhit, Pts. 1 & 2
Album: Official Version; Label: Sony
Depeche Mode - Barrel Of A Gun [Underworld Hard Mix]
Album: "Barrel Of A Gun" single; Label: Mute UK
Pet Shop Boys - Rammstein - Mein Teil [PSB There Are No Guitars On This Mix]
Album: Disco 4; Label: EMI
The KLF - 3 AM Eternal (Extreme Noise Terror)
Album: "3 AM Eternal" single; Label: KLF Communications
Nine Inch Nails - Screaming Slave
Album: Fixed; Label: Interscope
Sparklehorse and Danger Mouse f/Iggy Pop - Pain
Album: Dark Night Of The Soul; Label: Capitol
Peeping Tom f/Massive Attack - Kill The DJ
Album: Peeping Tom; Label: Ipecac
Front 242 - Animal Cage
Album: 05:22:09:12 Off; Label: Sony
Recoil - Stalker
Album: Unsound Methods; Label: Warner Bros
Doctor Who - "Blink"
Album: Doctor Who Soundtrack; Label: BBC
Beatsystem - Endlessly Downward
Album: Emit Explorer; Label: Instinct
Autechre - Bronchusevenmx24
Album: Tri Repetae++; Label: TVT
Gnarls Barkley - Necromancer
Album: St. Elsewhere; Label: Downtown
Lovage f/Mike Patton and Jennifer Charles - Archie and Veronica
Album: Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By; Label: Traffic
Massive Attack - Paradise Circus
Album: Heligoland; Label: Virgin
Orbital - I Don't Know You People
Album: The Middle Of Nowhere; Label: Rhino
INXS - By My Side
Album: X; Label: Atlantic
Roy Orbison - In Dreams
Album: In Dreams; Label: Monument
Pop Will Eat Itself - Pretty Pretty
Album: The Looks Or The Lifestyle; Label: RCA
Angelo Badalamenti - Montage from Twin Peaks: Girl Talk - Birds In Hell - Laura Palmer's Theme - Falling
Album: File Walk With Me; Label: Warner Bros
Michael Andrews - Cellar Door
Album: Donnie Darko soundtrack; Label: Everloving
They're Hanging Me Tonight - Red Snapper
Album: Our Aim Is To Satisfy Red Snapper; Label: Matador
Meat Beat Manifesto - Stereophrenik
Album: Subliminal Sandwich; Label: Interscope
Drake University Jazz Lab Band - The Evil One
Album: Christ In Our World Today; Label: Parousia
Stephin Merritt - You Are Not My Mother And I Want To Go Home
Album: Obscurities; Label: Merge