General Contact Information

1808 Riverside Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55454

Office Phone: 612-341-3144
Studio Phone: 612-341-0980
Fax: 612-341-4281

If you are interested in KFAI sponsoring an event, please contact Jackson Buck, KFAI's Marketing Director.  Please include as many details as possible in your request.

If you are interested in submitting a Public Service Announcement, please read the KFAI PSA Guidelines first. PSAs should be submitted to the Program Director

Staff Directory

Jackson Buck
Marketing & Underwriting Director 
612-341-3144 ext 24

Dale Connelly
News Director
612-341-3144 ext 16


Debra Gonsioroski
Office Coordinator
612-341-3144 ext 21

Pam Hill Kroyer
Membership & Volunteer Director
612-341-3144 ext 22

Miguel Vargas
Program Director
612-341-3144 ext 20

Dan Zimmermann
Chief Engineer
612.341-3144 ext 11

Nancy DeCamp                                                                      
Owl Bookkeeping & CFO Services

Web Team

About KFAI page


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