Program Committee Elections

Program Committee voting is open from Wednesday November 20 to Friday November 29 at 6pm--all voting is online at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/3XPBNV8

The Program Committee is responsible for ensuring that KFAI’s mission is reflected in its programming. The mission of KFAI is “…to broadcast information, arts and entertainment programming for an audience of diverse racial, social and economic backgrounds. By providing a voice for people ignored or misrepresented by mainstream media, KFAI increases understanding between peoples and communities, while fostering the values of democracy and social justice.”


The Program Committee (full description) has up to 9 appointed or elected members, including KFAI's Program Director and representatives of the volunteer and listener communities.

Board Elections

KFAI’s Board of Directors is charged with envisioning the future of KFAI and working with the Executive Director and staff to realize that vision (full job description).  The board also approves budgets, develops governance policies and ensures compliance with those policies.  Through its strategic planning working groups, the board is also tasked with working with staff, volunteers, and outside experts to execute the 2012 strategic plan.  

Each year the KFAI Board selects 3 directors to the Board in addition to the 5 seats elected by the larger KFAI community, and we are now recruiting candidates for 2 year terms which begin in January 2014.  If you are passionate about KFAI, independent grass-roots media, and the arts and want to participate in expanding KFAI’s connections, catalyzing new collaborations, and building a strong and growing organization as a member of the Board of Directors, please fill out the KFAI Board Nominations form.