Why KFAI Members Pledge

Eclectic Selection of Music

“I had toyed with the idea of purchasing an ipod…Then it occurred to me that KFAI provides a much more diverse selection then even my relatively large CD collection…” Alan, Edina

“KFAI has expanded my musical horizons to the point where my CD collection has its very own zip code!” Kurt, St. Paul

“I enjoy the variety and diversity of music, and I learn something new from KFAI every day!” Barbara, Minneapolis

“KFAI is a great station….a great supporter of local music and events!” Craig & Lynn, St. Paul

“I love the way KFAI intentionally integrates global music and perspective.” Scott, St. Paul

“I especially appreciate KFAI’s commitment to roots music and the blues.” David, St. Paul


Original, Community-Based Independent Media

“I believe very much in independent, non-corporate sponsored media, where people can obtain information that is unfiltered. Thank you for the wonderful work you are all doing!!” Lynette, Minneapolis

“Listener supported radio is needed – important to have an alternative.” Steve & Christine, Minneapolis

“A great station of diversity, NOT push-button radio!” Dave, Minneapolis

“Keep doing what you do. Independent, listener-supported radio is the truth and the guiding light of what the founders of radio broadcasting wanted. Thanks!” Justin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“Like the community base. Information is useful and thought provoking.” C.M., Minneapolis


News and Public Affairs

“I like the not usually heard aspect, investigative reporting, community information, Pacifica Radio…” James, Bloomington

“News you don’t get anywhere else.” Keegan, Minneapolis

“I appreciate the sincere work done by all the newshounds.” Dennis & Jeanne, Minneapolis

“KFAI is an independent community focused radio station that offers non biased non corporate news.” Madeline, Minneapolis


Diverse Community Voices – People Powered Radio

“Gives voice to underrepresented communities and plays great music!” Niko and Jessica, Minneapolis

“Diversity….first to bring out unheard voices.” Didi, St. Paul

“Like the different language programs.” Rachel, Minneapolis

"The Wave Project is the perfect start on radio for everyone." Tom, Minneapolis

“Community radio…by the people, for the people.” Steve, St. Paul

“Great energy, community radio aspect…anyone can volunteer and do a show.” Mick, Minneapolis


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