Membership FAQ

1. Where do my membership dollars go?
Your financial gift enables KFAI to keeps its studios open to all members of our community. Listener contributions are used to run the radio station, from purchasing and maintaining equipment, to supporting programs such as our news internship program. Membership covers the essentials.

2. Does KFAI really need my financial support?
Yes. It takes about $150.00 to pay for an hour of broadcasting the authentic programming you hear on KFAI. Support from listeners makes up more than 25% of KFAI’s yearly revenue.

3. What is KFAI’s address?
1808 Riverside Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55454.

4. What is the phone number for KFAI’s administrative offices?
612.341.3144 (Open M-F 9am – 6pm).

5. What is the minimum amount I can pledge?
If you are paying by cash, check, or credit card, any amount is greatly appreciated. If you want to be an AUTO CLUB member, the minimum monthly deduction is $5. The minimum amount to be a voting listener member is $25.

6. Is my KFAI contribution tax-deductible?
Contributions to KFAI are tax-deductible to the extent that tangible personal benefits are not received in return. If you choose to accept a premium or special gift as part of your membership, you will need to deduct the value of that gift from your contribution for tax purposes. Values for KFAI premiums are: CDs and DVDs:$15, books are valued according to prices listed, t-shirts are $10, and pint glasses are $5. If you do not choose a special gift, your entire donation is tax-deductible.

7. What do I get with my membership?
Besides continuing the tradition of fabulous community radio 24-7, all contributors of $25 and above receive a program guide, Board of Directors and Program Committee voting privileges, and a discount card for use at local businesses, including Acadia Cafe, Khyber Pass Restaurant, Manny's Tortas, and Roadrunner Records. Members are also eligible to run for the Board. All members who provide an e-mail address receive a monthly electronic newsletter with updates on KFAI events and programs. Special thank you gifts of pint glasses, t-shirts, and CDs or books are available at various donation levels.

8. How long will it take to receive my thank you gift(s)?
T-shirts and pint glasses can be picked up at the following locations, with a receipt:
KFAI, Fresh Air Radio Station, 1808 Riverside Ave. Minneapolis
Roadrunner Records 4304 Nicollet Ave. Minneapolis
Ten Thousand Villages 867 Grand Ave.(Grand & Victoria) St. Paul.

CDs, books, DVDs and other thank you gifts will be mailed out 4-6 weeks after your payment is received.

9. Does KFAI exchange its contributors’ names? What is KFAI’s privacy policy?
KFAI does NOT exchange its member lists with other organizations. You will NOT receive solicitations from other organizations as a result of your KFAI membership.

10. How much money does the government (state and federal) give KFAI?
In 2012, the appropriation from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to KFAI was around $100,000 (10% of KFAI’s annual revenue). The state of Minnesota contributed approximately $37,000 last year (3% of KFAI’s annual revenue).

11. Is KFAI part of Minnesota Public Radio?
No. KFAI is an independent community radio station owned by Fresh Air, Inc. KFAI is a member of the Association of Minnesota Public Educational Radio Stations (AMPERS), a network of 15 independent community and college radio stations in Minnesota including KMOJ, Jazz88, Radio K, KAXE, KUMD and others.

12. How do I become a volunteer?
KFAI runs on the passion of more than 350 dedicated volunteers. For more information about joining this team, click here to be directed to the volunteer page.

13. What type of program changes is KFAI planning in the future?
KFAI made changes to its program schedule in summer 2010 and again in fall of 2012. Changes included adding new music, public affairs and community programs to the KFAI schedule. For more information on programming, contact KFAI Program Director Miguel Vargas at 612-341-3144 Ext. 20 or

14. What is HD Radio (digital)?                                                                                                                                                                                        KFAI now broadcasts its two signals (90.3 & 106.7) in digital as well as analog. HD radio is a digital band that can allow stations like KFAI to broadcast a CD-quality digital program stream separate from the analog stream you are used to hearing. HD radio can be heard on many newer car stereo systems or by purchasing an HD radio receiver.

15. How will I be able to hear KFAI’s HD Signal?
You need to have a radio designed to pick up HD signals. Many new cars offer them as standard equipment. To upgrade your older car radio, look for HD Radio products from Eclipse, JVC, Kenwood, Panasonic and Sanyo. Yamaha and Boston Acoustics offer home radios. KFAI will stream any additional program channels at For more information about digital radio, go to

16. Will I still be able to hear KFAI on my old radio?
You will be able to hear KFAI’s main signal on conventional radios. You will only hear any additional digital programming streams on HD Radio. 

19. What is in the future for KFAI?                                                                                                                                                                                     KFAI launched its own app for iPhone and Android in summer 2013. This has meant expanded web-based programs. In 2014 and 2015, a studio expansion project needs to happen to accommodate a much-needed upgrade in equipment; we will need community support to bring our studio equipment up-to-date. KFAI continues to examine and work to meet the needs of its changing community, on the air, on-line, and wherever independent media can serve! 

20. I have more questions that aren’t covered on this FAQ. Who can I contact?

  • Questions about membership should be directed to Pam Hill Kroyer, Membership & Volunteer Director, 612.341.3144×22 or
  • Programming questions can be directed to Miguel Vargas, Program Director, 612.314.3144×20 or
  • Volunteer inquiries can be directed to Pam Hill Kroyer, Membership & Volunteer Director, 612.341.3144×22 or
  • News related issues should be directed to Dale Connelly, News Director: 612.341.3144×16 or
  • If you would like to sponsor KFAI programming as an underwriter, please contact Marketing and Underwriting Director Jackson Buck,
  • Contact Executive Director Willie Dean at 612.341.3144×23 or by email for questions concerning the Board of Directors, fundraising and general administration.

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