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At 10,000 Fresh Voices you’ll hear stories on Minnesota’s rich, cultural heritage - 3-5 minute vignettes on the arts, history and landscape - told by diverse voices from across the state. 

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Recent Playlists

Anderson Center Spearheads New Residency Program

The Anderson Center in Red Wing, Minnesota, welcomes temporary residents, but for the first time this year, they are offering a month exclusively for Deaf artists and scholars. KFAI producer Manda Lillie sat down with Cynthia Weitzel, a Deaf artist and year-round resident herself, and director Robert Hedin to learn more about what the Anderson Center has to offer.

Living With Wolves

In 1974 the grey wolf population population declined to a level where the federal government placed it on the endangered species list. Two years ago the wolf was removed from the list, and Minnesota instituted a limited hunting season. More than 200 wolves were killed in 2013, despite opposition from some Native American tribes, who see wolves as spiritual brothers. KFAI producer Jo Erickson went to northern Minnesota to explore the relationship between man and wolf, and learn more about the Native American perspective.

Chimgee's Mission

Erdenechimeg “Chimgee” Haltarhuu is a Mongolian circus performer and crusader against domestic abuse. She teaches full-time at Circus Juventas, in St. Paul. With her Mission Manduhai initiative, she takes her troupe, Circus Manduhai, to rural Mongolia, where she educates circus-goers about the dangers of violence in the home. As World Circus Day and the 20th anniversary of Circus Juventas approach in April, she speaks with KFAI reporter Diane Richard about the dueling passions that animate her life.

Sharing Stories at the Veteran's Open Round Table

Veterans Open Round Table offers a safe space for former soldiers and others to talk about their military experiences. It’s a way to educate, communicate and find camaraderie. KFAI producer Susan Budig sat down with the founders of the Steel County, Minnesota, group to learn more.

Where I Fit explores artist's identity

“Where I Fit” is the name of Maggie Thompson’s current exhibition at All My Relations Gallery. It packs a lot of ideas in one gallery space, especially for an artist right out of college. Ideas about the artist’s Native identity, the treatment of Native women, and Thompson’s place within her family and the world. KFAI’s Diane Richard has the story.

1953 "wardrobe malfunction" leads to run-in with police

In 1953, Minneapolis police were called to the Saddle Bar on Hennepin Avenue when dancer Darlene Labette Varallo experienced a “wardrobe malfunction.” KFAI producer Allison Herrera tells recounts the scene, which challenged the city’s morality laws.

Minnesota's State Capital Fire

On March 2, 1881, Minnesota’s state capitol building caught fire while both houses were in session. As smoke filled the chambers, hundreds fled down the building’s single stairway. Fortunately, no one was hurt. In 1985, architect Cass Gilbert was commissioned to design the new state capitol, which stands in St. Paul today.

Ax-Man Surplus: everything AND the kitchen sink

The original Ax-Man Surplus has been in St. Paul for more than 50 years, and in recent years more have sprung up around the Twin Cities. Ax-Man sells a variety of practical, odd, and unique items that come from factory overstock, people’s attics and vintage dealers. The merchandise is priced to sell—unwrapped, and stored in bins in large quantities—and include electronic parts, art supplies, household items, thing-a-ma-gigs and more. Ax-Man attracts do-it-yourselfers, inventors and creative people who enjoy use their imaginations to re-purpose their finds. Produced for KFAI by Dixie Treichel.

Allen Christian's House of Balls Encourages Visitor Interaction

The House of Balls is the studio of sculptor Allen Christian, and an environment of artistic invention that has been part of the Minneapolis warehouse district since 1987. This curious place is filled with human-like figures and unique elements made from found objects. Christian is known for carving figures from bowling balls, hence the name “House of Balls.” He believes that living beings are connected to the inanimate world, and encourages visitors to interact with his his work.

Skinny Dipping Can Land You in Hot Water

As the weather warms, locals are flocking to the lakes for recreation. But keep your bathing suits on, folks. KFAI producer Allison Herrera has the story of how skinny dipping can land you into hot water.

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