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Thanks  and farewell to Pam Hill, who has been the heart and soul of KFAI by connecting at hundreds of community events and dozens of pledge drives with thousands of volunteers and listeners!  


KFAI has amazing volunteers. 

We salute  Miguel Vargas, ending his tenure as KFAI's beloved Program Director but continuing as volunteer host of Radio Pocho, Wednesday night at 8.  



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Community driven

Campbell Brothers Offer a Live Broadcast of John Coltrane's 'A Love Supreme' on KFAI

Feb 27 2015

On Thursday night, February 26th, KFAI presented a live broadcast of The Campbell Brothers 

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Hoodstarter Serves as Matchmaker Between Neighborhoods and Local Businesses

Feb 24 2015

No one knows a neighborhood better than the people who live there.  So why not let them decide what businesses set up shop there?  Hoodstarter is a local tech start-up that aggregates community wishlists comprised of specific types of businesses.  So far, suggestions have included everything from "cat cafes" to a neo-soul bar.  Residents can also suggest vacant commercial spaces and get involved in any crowdfunding neccessary to help their idea to take root.  Hoodstarter Co-founder Justin Ley tells KFAI's Ryan Dawes that these ideas help entrepreneurs and real-esta

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Celebratin' Black History Month with a Motown Musical Journey, Feb. 28 on 'A Great Blend of Watercolors'

Feb 24 2015

Join Melinda J on Saturday, February 28th from 6-9 a.m. as A Great Blend of Watercolors celebrates Black History Month with a "Motown Musical Journey." Start your weekend off with A Great Blend of Watercolors, every Saturday from 6-9 a.m. — only on KFAI Fresh Air Radio. See you then!

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